A solution for “no compromise” EVs

Advancing battery technology and vehicle lightweighting provide a technical solution to EV consumer desirability, but mass EV adoption requires an innovative business solution.

shifting paradigms to accelerate ev adoption.

Purchase anxiety is holding back consumer demand for EVs. To overcome concerns about cost, limited battery range, and lack of charging infrastructure, EVs have to be better than gas-powered equivalents in every aspect.

At Feorr, our scalable zero-emission solution isn’t restricted by existing battery technology or charging infrastructure. Our engineers work with auto manufacturers to develop novel technologies and define technical solutions that make business sense — effectively furthering EV adoption for a cleaner world.

Our EV Solution:

Integrates simply into new or existing vehicles
Harnesses consumer desire to speed EV adoption
Works with current and future battery technology
Complements, but does not require, charging infrastructure
Improves cost/benefit/weight trade-offs across the vehicle
Provides a step-change in lightweighting opportunities
Simplifies and liberates vehicle design
Fits seamlessly into existing manufacturing supply chains

The EV solution to net zero is about more than battery technology or lightweighting

Drivers know gas-powered vehicles. They trust the established network of gas stations across the world, and they value the lifestyle freedom that infrastructure offers.

EVs are unfamiliar, and today’s EV designs are simultaneously enabled and constrained by battery technology. Consumers recognize the average EV can only travel about half the distance of a gas-powered equivalent on one charge.

Making EVs the ‘best buy’ option for consumers

New battery chemistries offer improvements, but not solutions, to these challenges. Achieving greater range necessitates larger battery packs and design trade-offs across the vehicle.

Plus, the consumer still has to make compromises, from cost and trim levels to range and accessibility of charging infrastructure.

True market demand for EVs must come from consumers — not legislation or subsidies — and consumers won’t settle for compromise or constraint.

Battery technology is holding the world back


of people think there aren’t enough charging stations


EVs are 20-30% heavier than gas-powered equivalents


of people think they’ll run out of power while driving

The median range of new EVs is 250 miles, while the median range of gas-powered vehicles is 412 miles


An EV battery accounts for 30% of the car’s cost to consumers

Achieving net zero requires zero compromises.

At Feorr, we believe that a ‘no compromise’ EV solution will unleash consumer demand.

EVs can get lighter, cleaner, more affordable, and more efficient – with no range limits or need for charging infrastructure.

Feorr is focused on technological solutions to give drivers the range and freedom they seek. Our engineers strive to accelerate the transition to EV technology by maintaining all the existing environmental and performance benefits and eliminating cost barriers and range anxiety.

The Feorr Solution

Our patent-pending hydrogen-based charging solution provides range on demand, cleanly recharging the main EV battery — in park and in drive — without the complexity of high-pressure hydrogen storage or the constraints of charging infrastructure.

Feorr’s technology integrates simply into existing EV designs and manufacturing systems, maximizing investment returns and leveraging more product volume from existing infrastructure. Our approach provides OEMs with a simple one-step solution to a ‘no compromise’ EV design.

Engineers get more freedom in designing desirability into EVs.  Drivers get the freedom of the open road again—without the worry of where and when to recharge.

Find out how we can help you accelerate EV adoption.

Together, we can achieve a net zero world.