silhouette of prototype car with new EV technology
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Technologies to revolutionize BEV design and end range anxiety. Working harmoniously with current and future battery technology.

Eliminate Range Anxiety

Ignite ev demand

Achieve net zero

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Further. Faster. Together.

Battery technology alone won’t deliver net zero environmental benefits quickly enough. We have to accelerate EV adoption. Together we can eliminate range anxiety with novel technologies that shift battery paradigms to revolutionize the EV industry. The world is counting on all of us.

Freedom, finally.

Imagine a simple to integrate technology that gives car buyers unrestricted freedom to explore.

No route restrictions
No distance limits
No charging station required
Affordable EVs they’ll love
Charge while driving
Endless adventures
It’s not only possible, we can show you how it works – schedule time.
graphic resembling a speedometer how Fēorr's EV technology connects profit, environment, infrastructure, regulation, and driver demand

Feorr’s engineers develop EV technologies with auto manufacturers that address multidimensional problems while maintaining a focus on net zero goals, regulatory realities, and profit maximization.

Follow the pursuit.

Currently, Feorr engineers are passionately pursuing viable solutions for these net zero obstacles.

Find your EV Edge